A Party Band That Rocks!

The Cassandra Long Band: A High-Energy Band with a Broad Playlist

When you want a party band to get a crowd excited, The Cassandra Long Band is sure to please. These talented musicians play everything from well-known country ballads to top-40 hits. Whether it’s a wedding, a local venue, or a corporate event, Cassandra and her skilled bandmates will get the crowd moving.

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Live Music Adds Excitement to Every Event!

Nothing gets a crowd on their feet like a live band. Good music gets people’s hearts pumping and their feet moving. A great band adds even more to the event. Experienced musicians can read the room and know when to speed things up or slow them down.

The Cassandra Long Band is well-known for its ability to weave a variety of styles into an evening. They are just as comfortable performing a classic country tune as they are modern rock covers. As the lead singer for the group, Cassandra Long has an energetic stage presence that never fails to connect with the audience.

The Cassandra Long Band is an in-demand group with a full performance schedule. They are also available for corporate gigs, weddings, and special events. If you are looking for a rock cover band that knows how to turn an event into a party, The Cassandra Long Band will not disappoint.

A Variety Band for Any Occasion

The members of The Cassandra Long Band understand that musical needs vary from venue to venue. We are happy to work with you to create a playlist that will enhance the mood of your next event. Some of the settings where we frequently perform include:

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Book Our Dynamic Party Band

If you have an upcoming event that would benefit from a live band, The Cassandra Long Band is the group to call. We always bring energy and excitement along with skilled musicianship and dynamic crowd work. Contact us to get on our schedule.

Meet Our Rock and Roll Band

Get to know our talented musicians who bring their unique styles and sounds to our performances.

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Cassandra Long

Lead Vocals

Cassandra Long is the lead vocalist for the group, known for her versatile style and impressive vocal range. Throughout her career, she has worked to be the best at what she does, an approach that has seen her open for performers like Tanya Tucker, Lee Greenwood, Jeff Carr, and 3 Dog Night. 


Michael Rusk

Lead Guitar and Vocals

Michael is adept in many styles of music and appreciates that there is always something new to learn. He draws inspiration from the energy that comes from playing in front of a live audience.

Mark Winley

Bass and Vocals

Bass player Mark Winley was inducted into the Rock Godz Hall of Fame in 2018. He has been playing music since he was five years old, and has never wanted to do anything else.

Bob Bunger


Bob has been playing drums since the age of six years old, mimicking the thunder and lightning sound of Buddy Rich while following the rock drumming of the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and the Police. He has enjoyed playing live music in the US, UK and Hong Kong. Bob also provides private drum tutoring, check out his website here for more info.

Watch Us Perform

Experience the electric energy of our band’s live performances as we take the stage and captivate audiences with our unique sound and dynamic stage presence.

Have Questions?

Below Are Some Common Questions that We Receive

We love the energy of a big crowd, so we always encourage people to come to our shows. Check out our schedule of upcoming events to learn more.

Yes. If the schedule works out, we are happy to play for private events like weddings, birthday parties, and other celebrations.

Simply contact us through our booking page and we will get in touch with you to work out the details.

We have a wide playlist of hits from the 1950s to today. If you have a specific song for a special event, let us know when you are booking the band. We will need time to work up a suitable arrangement so that it sounds amazing.

Tour Dates

Here you can find all the latest information on our upcoming shows, including dates, venues, and more. We’re excited to share our music with you and hope to see you at one of our upcoming performances!

19 Jul

Cassandra Long Band -The Sand Bar

Join us at The Sand Bar in Parker, AZ from 8-11!  
20 Jul

Lake Havasu Private Party

July 20, 6:00 PM
We’re gearing up for an incredible night ahead at our private event, where we’ll be performing exclusively for a Lake Havasu event. While this gathering […]
02 Aug

CLB Live @Rancho Bar 7-Wickenburg, AZ

August 2, 5:00 PM
Here we come again!  Can’t wait to see everyone! The Cassandra Long Band will be performing at the iconic Rancho Bar 7 from 5-7pm, playing […]
03 Aug

CLB Live @Rancho Bar 7-Wickenburg, AZ

August 3, 5:00 PM
Here we come again!  Can’t wait to see everyone! The Cassandra Long Band will be performing at the iconic Rancho Bar 7 from 5-7pm, playing […]

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